We had the pleasure of filming Martyn Josephs new song "NYE (a song for the NHS) in Acapela Studios Pentrych. 

As I had been somewhat of a recluse editing away on a project we were unaware of the journey a group of folk artists had been on in order to create this unique and powerful song.

In November last year folk musicians gathered to celebrate 800 years of British democracy. The British folk dance and song society commissioned artists including Martyn from all over the UK to create songs to contribute to the "Sweet Liberties" Project. 

I was asked to write songs for a project called Sweet Liberties..celebrating 800 years since the Magna Carta and the first De Montford Parliament. The songs were to be based on acts of Parliament and my instinct was to look for the Welsh angle..hence Nye Bevan and the founding of the NHS in 1948.

The artists poured through parliamentary archives to find inspiration and retreated to a cottage in Cambridgeshire to compose, Martyn then took this one step further and decided to record the song in his studio in Cardiff 

We have put a video up on you tube now and I would like it to be seen as a reminder of the fact that we should be proud of the NHS. Despite its deriders it is still an extraordinary achievement and something worth fighting for.

Martyn wanted to create something very intimate and powerful, really stripping back any fancy effects or creative filmmaking styles, we were also challenge to turn the stunning Acapela studio floor into something completely bare, making the audience really pay attention to the words of the song rather than the visuals. 

Its also meant to celebrate the amazing women and men who work selflessly within it. The care they give is a beautiful thing and make our lives better in so many ways. Yes there are problems, but as the song reminds us, try falling sick in the USA and see what it costs you.

Here is Martyn Joseph "Nye (A song for the NHS)